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PlayStation 4 Pro Can Run Games at Native 4K, Here’s the Proof

If you are wondering if there are any games that will be Native 4K 60FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro, we have the answer. Yes, PS4 Pro can do Native 4K and 60FPS.

However, not in every game will touch 4K and certainly not demanding games. The first game to hit native 4K at 60FPS is Mantis Burn Racing and according to an analysis conducted by Digital Foundry, Mantis Pro Racing runs smoothly on PlayStation 4 Pro.

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Digital Foundry concluded that there is more to PS4 Pro’s enhancements than teraflop comparisons with Project Scorpio. There is more “secret sauce” features to be revealed, Digital Foundry believes.

It is not using the checkboard technique like it does with other projects. What you see is native 4K on PS4 Pro but since Mantis Pro Racing doesn’t look like a very demanding game, it isn’t hard for PS4 Pro to push 4K.

Evolution Studios recently stated that we underestimate the power PS4 Pro. Sadly, such games don’t do a good job representing the power of PS4 Pro.

It would be interesting to see if PlayStation 4 Pro can do Native 4K in more demanding games. Of course, it won’t be able to do native 4K in games like Uncharted 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn, but what about games like Resogun? It is a very demanding game due to its intense particle effects.

PS4 Pro is releasing November 10 for $399, pre-order numbers are strong, according to Sony.