DICE Needs to Show More Faith in Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign

Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign was never fully highlighted by EA DICE until now. Based in World War 1, players will take on different roles and play as various characters.

The single player gameplay footage was released earlier which showed a decent chunk of action packed sequences. However, like previous games, multiplayer is the main highlight of the show.

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In fact, EA DICE was worried that Battlefield 1 single player may not be as good as they hope. This could be the reason why they only just started to show and discuss the offline mode.

…But you also don’t want to be like another game, where people say, ‘Oh, it’s like that game’. You need to find your own personality, and I think we’ve done that with multiplayer and solidified that over the years. But I don’t think we’ve reached as far with single-player

The game looks amazing even in Single Player and it is not only exciting but feels fresh in a genre that’s been redundant for a while.

DICE’s Battlefield games have struggled with single player campaigns in the past but it looks like Battlefield 1 will shine in this department. EA DICE needs to be more confident in Battlefield 1 single player campaign and use it as motivation to take risks in the future, just like they did this year, going back to WW1.

Battlefield 1 managed to excite many gamers who gave up any hope of seeing something unique in the shooter genre. The game will release on October 21 and we are really excited to play, not just multiplayer, but its single player as well.

If successful, Battlefield 1 single player mode will help build DICE’s confidence in the future.

When the game hits, you can pick it up for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.