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Capcom’s Street Fighter V #IlluminatiSecrets Mystery Uncovered, How to Change Pro Tour and Swimsuit Costumes

A couple of days back, Capcom posted #IlluminatiSecrets images on its Twitter, encouraging fans to figure out a way of changing Chun-Li and Necalli Capcom Pro Tour premium costumes in Street Fighter V.

The secret did not remain a secret for long and the button-combination to trigger it has appeared online. Before we dive into the actual method, have a look at the Street Fighter V images posted by Capcom-Unity.

Street Fighter V #IlluminatiSecrets Uncovered

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V

In order to alter the costumes, users basically need to press and hold LK + HP + MP + LP and hold the analogue stick upwards after selecting their character. The button-combination must be maintained until the match begins. If you somehow failed to trigger it during the start of the match, you should be able to do between the rounds.

Here is a list of all the effects that are triggered by the button-combination stated earlier:

  • No Coat on Necalli
  • No Feather Boa on Chun-Li
  • No Vest on Cammy

In addition to Capcom Pro Tour Premium Costumes, it actually affects the Premium Swimsuit Costumes as well. You should be able to see Karin without hat and glasses, Chun-Li without skirt, Ibuki without the mask, Laura without the jersey, Cammy’s without her additional accessories, and R. Mika without her hoodie.

In related Street Fighter V news, the game’s update v. 1.09 came with some security risks that the community reported to Capcom. After investing for about 2 weeks, the studio issued a statement which can be found by heading over to the post!

Street Fighter V is now available on PC and Playstation 4 with cross-play capabilities between the two systems.

Source: The Who.