Is Activision Intimidated By Modern Warfare’s Popularity?

Activision is the publisher of Call of Duty games that are developed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer. This year, it is Infinity Ward’s turn to bring us the next chapter.

Fans were expecting a lot from Infinity Ward and although it seems they have delivered with single player mode, which they are famous for, multiplayer seems like the same old.

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Infinite Warfare was heavily criticised upon its reveal which is partly due to how fresh Battlefield 1 felt at the time. To this day, the community looks to be more interested in Battlefield 1 than Infinite Warfare. However, there shouldn’t be any doubt in our minds that Infinite Warfare will sell like hot cakes regardless of what fans think about it.

One of the reasons its pre-order numbers are strong is the bundled in Modern Warfare remastered. Modern Warfare is one of the most popular COD games, probably THE most popular of them all.

Activision played a smart move by not selling it separately and bundling it with the Legacy Edition. There is a large section of the community that’ll only get Infinite Warfare for Modern Warfare Remastered.

Activision seems intimidated by its own game which is evident by what we are heard today. According to the official website, Modern Warfare remastered will require Infinite Warfare disc in order to run.

At launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® Remastered will contain only 10 MP maps from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. Additional MP maps will be made available by 12/31/2016. Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download (game disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered).

It seems Activision is intimidated by its own game and want to make sure used Infinite Warfare copies aren’t rotting at GameStop post-release.

It would be very interesting to see how many players are actually playing Modern Warfare compared to Infinite Warfare a few months down the line.