Steam Version of Quantum Break Lacks DirectX 12, SLI Support

PC gamers that have been looking forward to the Steam version of Quantum Break may want to hold off on purchasing the game until a bit more work’s been done on it, especially since it apparently lacks DirectX 12 and SLI support. This is similar to Quantum Break’s previous PC woes.

Previously, the game’s initial version ported to the PC by Microsoft had a wide variety of problems, including lag, crashes, no quit option, and more.

While this has previously been solved, the Steam version of Quantum Break will likely get renewed criticism due to a lack of what many see as vital support with DirectX 12 and SLI support.

Previously, the PC version of Quantum Break was only available on both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 store, but it now having a Steam port makes it able to reach more people, though whether they’ll want to buy it without the support listed above remains to be seen.

However, there is hope for PC gamers. According to a Valve representative, players that have the Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX graphics card will still be able to have an amazing experience.

Quantum Break won widespread praise upon its announcement and release for how good its graphics were, along with the uniqueness of its gameplay and its story. It turned out to be Microsoft’s best-selling intellectual property since the Xbox One was initially released, and even the TV miniseries that was released with the game in order to show the other side of the story got a positive reception.

If Valve and Remedy Entertainment do decide to add in DirectX 12 and SLI support to the Steam version of Quantum Break, then all players have to do is wait, but in the meantime if you also own an Xbox One you’ve still got the Xbox One version to play.