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Top 10 Most Frustrating Games Of All Time

Getting frustrated while playing a video game is somewhat a common occurrence for gamers. As there are many games of different genres, and not every gamer enjoys all games, but there are games that are so frustrating that whatever you do, you will be frustrated. So we will be doing a list of Top Ten Most Frustrating Games of all times, so that you will stay clear of these games.

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So without any further ado, lets start with out list of Top Ten Most Frustrating games.

10 Most Frustrating Games Of All Time

#10- DayZ

To start off our list of the most frustrating game is DayZ. Zombie apocalypse are themselves are very difficult to survive, and you will die again and again in this game. Players start with nothing, they are just thrown right in the middle of a zombie land where players have to scavenge for tools and food.


If being thrown in a zombie land without any weapon was not bad enough, well your fellow survivors will take you to brink of you sanity and will either make you punch in the monitor or you will just throw your controller away.

#9- Contra

This game was a nightmare for those who dared to play it. This is the very game because of the Konami code became famous, as using it granted you 30 lives instead of three, which speaks volumes about how frustratingly hard this game is.


The commando that players control in this game has no health bar, and dies as soon as the players makes a mistakes of just touching the enemy. The game features one of the toughest boss battles, and also there were no checkpoints also.

#8- Braid

Braid is sort of a tribute to the Mario, but be warned underneath that beautiful imagery there is a extremely difficult puzzle game that will make your head spin.


When we tried to play the game, we had to search the internet for the almost every puzzle we found. While internet helps, those who try to do things on their own will get hyper frustrated as the puzzles are very hard, and are brain busters.

#7- QWOP

Apart from being a total time waster, QWOP is one of the most frustrating games of all time. In theory the game seems simple enough, all you have to do is make you character run a certain distance using Q,W,O and P button on your keyboard, but boy oh boy does this game made me cringe.


The moment you press the buttons to make your runner run, only then to realize that you are in for a show. Either this game will make you laugh to death or it will make you so frustrated that you would bang your head on your own keyboard.

#6- Super Hexagon

Now this game is not only a frustrating one, but it will also make your eyes bleed(figuratively). Super Hexagon tasks players to navigate through one hexagon to another, while the maze is constantly changing and shift its direction.


If you just touch a wall then the game is over, and consider yourself a pro player in this game if you can just last sixty seconds. The music combined with its constantly moving visuals makes for a hypnotic experience, and a word of advice to keep some eyedrops close cause you will be needing them.

#5- Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is one such game that at the end of each level, instead of congratulate you for your victory, it reminds you of all of your failures. This game is platformer released back in 2010, which tasks players to navigate a small cube of red meat through a ridiculous amount of saws, spikes, enemies, and pits.


If you manage to make it through the the level, then the game shows you a replay of all of your deaths or should I say failures.

#4- N+

N+ is quite similar to Super Meat Boy in terms of gameplay, the game puts you in the control of a tiny stick figure ninja who is trying to escape a room through a wide variety of traps. Not only you will die again and again, but also you will see your Ninja being thrown like a rag doll and blown to pieces.


If that is not enough to frustrate you, then I suggest you play multiplayer where the mistakes of your friends will cause you Ninja’s death.

#3- Battletoads

Those who played Battletoads, know why this game is in the list of most frustrating games of all time. There are not many gamers out there who have played this game, even if they did, those who made it past the third level are rare. The stupid level is called Turbo Tunnnel, and its so difficult that you could consider a torture.


Yahoo games has even stated that Battletoads is “widely recognized as one of the hardest—if not the hardest—games ever made”.

#2- Dark Souls

Dark Souls games are known for their brutally frustrating difficulty level. While all games in the series are difficult, but its the original Dark Souls that takes the cake of being the most frustrating game in the series. Even the PC version of the game is titled “Prepare To Die Edition”.


While many gamers claim that the boss battles in the game are extremely hard, but according to Takeshi Kajii, its not the boss that is hard but the road that leads up to the boss.

#1- Flappy Bird

I don’t think that need to say much about how impossibly frustrating this game is, and how many have destroyed their expensive smartphones over this game.


The game at first seems simple enough, all you players had to do was tap the touch screen and navigate through a set of pipes, and then you die, and again die, and again and again until the point where you grab a hammer and destroy your own phone.

So here it is our list of Top Ten Most Frustrating Games of all time. Did we miss anything? Is there any game we missed to include in this list? Let us know in the comments.