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Mafia 3 Review Copies Will Not Be Sent Out Before Game’s Launch

The release for Mafia 3 is getting closer, and many gamers are waiting for the reviews of the game. But it seems that they have to wait for the review even after the game’s launch, as Mafia 3 review copies will not be sent before October 7.

According to Polygon, who were informed by 2K through phone call that 2K Games has decided to not make Mafia 3 review copies available for any game outlet before its released. While this is a decision for 2K to make, but it is a departure from general industry practice.

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Recently, Hello Games also did not provided any review copies before the game’s launch and other games like Destiny and Doom, their review copies were also not available before the game’s launch.

As we know the Mafia is just a week away from launch, developer Hangar 13 has been revealing new details regarding the game. Recently, the developer released a new video for Mafia 3 detailing the brutal combat featured in the game.

The trailer does not shy away from showing Lincoln Clay’s brutal skills, which he learned while serving in the Vietnam War. The video showcases Lincoln as a master killer, and is able to take down his enemies any way he wants.

Furthermore the developer has also detailed the driving and car physics for Mafia 3. According to the developers, there will be two different options for driving in Mafia 3. One option is “Arcade” which makes the driving in the game much more easier, and the second one is “Simulation”, which is comparison with other driving simulator games is nothing.

However, the second option does makes driving in Mafia 3 difficult, and players will find it hard to steer.

Mafia 3 is scheduled to launch on October 7, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.