Final Fantasy 15 Radio Songs Released On FF News Website, an online news source for the Final Fantasy series of video games, has released the titles of the Final Fantasy 15 radio songs that players will be able to listen to in their snazzy car as they drive through the game’s world. The car, a quick way to get from place to place in the world, can also turn into an airship.

The list was revealed during the latest Active Time Event, a series of videos that relays the latest news about the games. They also went into detail on how you can obtain these various songs, mainly by purchasing them through shops throughout the game world.

Purchasing these songs will give you access to the soundtracks of a large number of Final Fantasy games and media. These include every main Final Fantasy game from 1 to 14, the Dissidia spin-off game, and even a number of songs from the recently released CGI movie Kingsglaive, which told a parallel story to the goings-on in the capital while Noctis and his friends were driving around in the countryside.

However, the Final Fantasy 15 radio songs do have their limits: players that are looking for songs from Final Fantasy X-2 and either of the other games in the Lightning Trilogy (Final Fantasy 13-2 and Lightning Returns) will be disappointed, as none of those other games are included in the song list.

There are, however, a number of well-known songs from the other games, such as the famous “One-Winged Angel” from Final Fantasy 7, though other favorites, like Final Fantasy 10’s “Back to Zanarkand” don’t appear to be included.

Final Fantasy 15 will be coming out for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 on November 29, so players that are looking to get into the latest entry of the extremely popular (and long-running) series will have to wait for another two months before they can listen to these songs in-game.