World of Warcraft: Legion Raid Beaten in 18 Hours

The very first World of Warcraft: Legion raid has been beaten just 18 hours after its release by a team of Russian players, who beat Xavius (a corrupted night elf who serves (or rather, served) the Burning Legion). The raid in question was on the Mythic difficulty level, the most difficult level in the game.

The Legion raid in question took place in the Emerald Nightmare, a corrupted version of the Emerald Dream that was formerly home to the green Drago Aspect Ysera, who was corrupted by Xavius and thus forced players to kill her to prevent her from wreaking destruction around Azeroth.

Mythic raids in World of Warcraft are actually a fairly new addition, having only been brought into the game in the last expansion, Warlords of Draenor.

Before that, Normal and Heroic raids were the only two difficulty levels for games. Mists of Pandaria’s “Siege of Orgrimmar” update also added a “Flexible Raid” mode that increased the difficulty depending on the number of players that are in it.

While the guild in question, Exorsus, was the first to beat the game on Mythic difficulty, a second guild called Europe’s Method then did it several hours afterward.

The Emerald Nightmare Xavius raid is only the first of the many raids that will be released while Legion is out. Considering what all players will be fighting in the expansion, one can only hope that each Legion raid will be harder than the last, especially if Blizzard decides to make the last raid a showdown with Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion.

So far Exorsus and Europe’s Method are the only two guilds that have managed to beat the Xavius Legion raid. While it’s likely that others will manage to beat the Mythic variant of the raid before the next raid comes out, Xeorsus and Europe’s Method will likely be famous for a while to come.