The Last Guardian Bundle Come With A Playstation 4 Slim Option

If players didn’t need enough incentive to go out and buy Team ICO’s latest offering The Last Guardian, a new The Last Guardian bundle for the Playstation 4 Slim has been announced, allowing players to get both the game and the Playstation 4 Slim, when it comes out. The bundle will be available when The Last Guardian comes out.

The Last Guardian focuses around a young boy that comes across a creature named Trico, and the two must work together to escape the enormous, ruined castle that they’re trapped in. Considering the critical acclaim that Team ICO’s other works (ICO and Shadow of the Colossus) have gotten, it’s likely that The Last Guardian will turn out to be worth the wait.

Since The Last Guardian doesn’t come out until December, the Last Guardian bundle for the Playstation 4 Slim will likely serve as a pretty good Christmas gift for someone that’s either in the market for a new Playstation 4 (especially since the PS4 Slim will be replacing the regular Playstation 4 console), or looking for a console to begin with.

The bundle will be priced at 349.99 Euros, but there isn’t any indication on the price of the bundle in other currencies like pounds, dollars, or yen.

Considering that The Last Guardian has been in development for multiple years and been delayed multiple times for technical reasons, it’s likely that the reason behind there being a The Last Guardian bundle in the first place is so that Team ICO and Sony can make it up to the game’s fans by making certain that if you want a Playstation 4 Slim you can get the game with it.

Since the Playstation 4 Slim will have been available for around two months by then, the Last Guardian bundle will definitely be a pretty good deal for any gamer that’s a fan of the Team ICO games.