Pokemon Go Legal Trouble Begins Over Intruding Pokemon Trainers

It’s been a while since Pokemon Go has been in the news, but the Netherlands has decided to give Niantic Labs (the developers of the game) some Pokemon Go legal trouble over Pokemon trainers crowding around protected beaches. These beaches have numerous sand dunes that Dutch authorities are concerned the players might be damaging.

According to the authorities, the reason for the lawsuit is due to Niantic not doing anything to address the Pokemon Go players intruding onto those beaches. Various warnings on Pokemon Go include some common-sense warnings like staying aware of your surroundings, not playing the game while driving, and not trespassing on private property, but apparently that hasn’t been enough.

The affected properties in the Netherlands that have caused all of the Pokemon Go legal trouble are located in the small town of Kijkduin, a Dutch resort town near The Hague.

Thousands of players have intruded on the resort and its beaches. These players are there to capture hundreds of Pokemon that appear in the town every day, and it’s now known among the fanbase as the “Pokemon capital of the Netherlands.”

According to authorities from The Hague, they’ve been attempting to reach Niantic Labs about the thousands of Pokemon Go players ever since mid-August.

While the Dutch may not have been wanting to give Niantic and Pokemon Go legal trouble, Niantic’s failure to respond to their requests left them “no other choice” but to go to court.

What exactly this lawsuit will entail remains to be seen, but hopefully the Dutch will just be satisfied with an acknowledgement by Niantic and a request from them to Pokemon Go’s players to be respectful of Kijkduin’s property.

So far, from what we can tell, there haven’t been any lethal accidents from playing Pokemon Go (aside from people finding dead bodies, being shot at, or being hurt when gang members stab them), so hopefully if Niantic does ask its players to respect the beaches that the Netherlands will be satisfied.