Pokemon Go Generating $2 Million Per Day for Niantic

Niantic’s Pokemon Go is generating $2 million each day – including the thirty percent fee for app stores – according to a recent report.

The popular smartphone game peaked $16 million per day – three weeks after its official launch – which has now dropped to a steady $2 million.

Pokemon Go Generating $2 Million Per Day

The game is still being downloaded about 700,000 times a day worldwide and has yet to officially launch in China and South Korea. Coming to global stats, Pokemon Go boasts 550 million downloads worldwide and made $470 million in initial 82 days after launch.

Pokemon Go has opened our eyes in many ways. It has refreshed the top grossing mobile game ranking that has been dominated by a small number of publishers and games for a long time. It has proven beyond a doubt that AR can be applied in ways that appeal to a mass audience.

Equally important from a business perspective, it has given Niantic investor Google enormous insight and data that it can incorporate into its location-based advertising and services strategy. The fact that Pokemon Go has motivated kids and youngsters to spend more time outside is an additional bonus, even if that means they take their screens with them.

Pokemon Go

The report also states that Pokemon Go managed to boost mobile gaming community. The game brought in 20 million mobile gamers in U.S., U.K., France, and Germany.

This appeal to a new gaming audience has made Pokemon Go the most popular franchise across every country we studied. In fact, 37% of gamers across these four countries have played Pokemon Go in the past three months. This puts the game well ahead of Candy Crush Saga at #2 which was played by 27% of gamers.

Niantic’s game has been the major beneficiary of these new mobile gamers, as it currently tops the charts in all countries. If even a fraction of Pokemon Go players were to flow into the rest of the ecosystem, such an influx could prove helpful to the mobile gaming industry as a whole.

Lastly, the report notes that Pokemon Go not only managed to attract hardcore Pokemon fans, but core gamers from DOTA 2, SMITE, Clash Royale, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the game is yet to officially launch in China and South Korea which may further boost the revenues. What do you think; let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Newzoo.