Pokemon Go Had 50 Times More Online Traffic At Launch Than Niantic Expected

Pokemon Go was an instant hit as soon as the game launched for mobiles. However, when the game launched the traffic for the game exceeded Niantic’s expectations and the game was unplayable for the many players for days.

Pokemon Go is powered by Google’s cloud tech, but even with Google’s technology and a region-by-region launch the developers completely underestimated the number of players that will come online to play the game.

Google has just released a chart indicating that Niantic massively under estimated the app’s popularity. According to the chart, the developer allowed Google for a worst case scenario of five times its target traffic. However, Pokemon Go drew in 50 times more traffic compared to the targeted one which is ten times more than its target traffic.

According to Google, 15 minutes after Pokemon Go launched in Australia and New Zealand, Niantic was on the phone with the company as the traffic has exceeded than expectations. Google CRE and Niantic “worked hand-in-hand with Niantic to review every part of their architecture, tapping the expertise of core Google Cloud engineers and product managers — all against a backdrop of millions of new players pouring into the game”.

In an effort to keep up with the demand Google added more than a thousand nodes to the game’s infrastructure without ruining the experience of existing players. The two companies also worked to convert the Network Load Balancer which was being used by the app to a newer and more sophisticated HTTP/S Load Balancer.

Pokemon Go has no doubt has left its mark on the mobile game industry, and many other companies are praising it for that. Recently, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai spoke about the company’s plans for the mobile game market and Pokemon Go. According to Kaz, Pokemon Go is a real game changer.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android.