PlayStation VR’s Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Trophies Are Here

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood trophies are now available to us thanks to Exophase. The PlayStation VR game will be out soon and you can also pick up PlayStation VR later this month.

The trophies are divided into three different categories – Bronze, Silver, Gold. You can also earn the Platinum trophy by unlocking all trophies.

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Trophies


  • Haunted Lodge Survivor – Finish “Haunted Lodge”
  • Nightmare Descent Survivor – Finish “Nightmare Descent”
  • Hotel Hell Survivor – Finish “Hotel Hell”
  • Psycho Cellblock Survivor – Finish “Psycho Cellblock”
  • Ghost Town Survivor – Finish “Ghost Town”
  • Mines of Death Survivor – Finish “Mines of Death”
  • Final Inferno Survivor – Finish “Final Inferno”
  • I bestow this fire-power – Pick up a new weapon
  • Master Arsenal – Pick up all weapons
  • Four Barrel Spray of Death – Dual wield shotguns
  • A Storm of Bullets – Dual wield machine pistols
  • Do you feel lucky? – Dual wield revolvers
  • On a roll – Reach multiplier x4
  • I shoot, therefore I am – Beat a previous set score on a level
  • Barrel of Laughs – Kill 20 enemies with barrels
  • Mostly Armless – Blast off 100 limbs
  • Arachnophobia – Die from spider venom
  • Head Trauma – Die from hitting head on a barrier
  • For My Next Trick – Get killed by a saw blade
  • Nowhere to Hide – Hit three targets with one shot from the revolver
  • Spitting Lead – Hit three or more targets with a blast from the shotgun


  • Haunted Lodge Killer – Finish “Haunted Lodge” on Insane
  • Nightmare Descent Killer – Finish “Nightmare Descent” on Insane
  • Hotel Hell Killer – Finish “Hotel Hell” on Insane
  • Psycho Cellblock Killer – Finish “Psycho Cellblock” on Insane
  • Ghost Town Killer – Finish “Ghost Town” on Insane
  • Mines of Death Killer – Finish “Mines of Death” on Insane
  • Final Inferno Killer – Finish “Final Inferno” on Insane
  • Diagnosis Complete – Finish the story on any difficulty
  • Secret Spotter – Collect all the skittles in one level
  • Unstoppable – Reach multiplier x8
  • Duck Hunter – Shoot all the moving ducks in “Haunted Lodge”
  • Old School – Complete a level using only pistols
  • Won Armed – Complete a level using only one hand
  • Blow Your Mind – Get 100 headshots
  • Dead Eye – Get >80% accuracy on a level
  • Moment of Sanity – See all the “Moment of Sanity” sequences


  • The Nightmare Ends – Finish the story on Psychotic
  • Obsessive Collector – Collect all the skittles

Until Dawn: Ruse of Blood is exclusive to PlayStation VR.