Playstation VR Health Issues Include Vomiting, Eye Damage: Doctor

Apparently the Playstation VR may lead to various health issues, according to a doctor in the United Kingdom. David Allamby, who is a laser eye surgeon at London’s “Focus” clinic, says that Playstation VR health issues could lead to diseases including myopia, vomiting, dry-eye, and other related vision illnesses.

Before the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive came out, concerns were already being brought up about various moments of nausea and disassociation for players using VR as their brains tried to adjust to the difference between the VR space and the real space around them.

The Playstation VR itself even put a warning in its Health and Safety information that children under a certain age should not be given the VR to play with.

According to Allamby, the Playstation VR health issues could be caused by younger people having a lack of exposure to natural daylight, unlike when they’re playing video games on a TV which still allows natural light to reach your eyes. Since the VR display will be directly in your face, your eyes also won’t be able to focus properly, which can affect your vision and impact how it works.

The dry eye that can also come with the Playstation VR health issues can also come from players not blinking as often due to being immersed in the environment.

You need to blink in order to moisturize your eyes, so if you don’t blink as much you can get dry-eye. Dry-eye apparently isn’t fun, either: Allamby says that people he has spoken to that have dry-eye compare it to being stabbed in the eye, because it grows more and more painful.

The Playstation VR is slated to come out next month on October 13, so if you’re one of the many people that have pre-ordered the Playstation VR please, think of your eye health and don’t overuse your VR systems. And if you do, at least be sure to blink pretty often.