Destiny: Rise of Iron Outbreak Prime Puzzle Solution Guide

With the release of Destiny’s latest expansion, Rise of Iron, players once again embarked on a quest to secure some of the exotic loot the game has to offer and as soon as possible. Once such exotic item available in the game is a new pulse rifle, Outbreak Prime.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Outbreak Prime Puzzle Solution

While players knew the rifle would be added in game with the latest expansion, no one exactly knew how to acquire it and this began a community wide weapon hunt with dedicated raiders and trying to find the weapon through the Wrath of the Machine raid.

This guide below should help lead everyone through all the steps required (including the raid) in order to get the amazing looking Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle.

Wrath of the Machine

To get Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle, completing the Wrath of the Machine raid is required as players will need to find the Monitors before they can take down the laser grid that protects a loot chest which is required for the weapon.

Raiders need to climb into an air vent, inside the front-left safe room, in the arena where they encounter Vosik the Archpriest for the second time. There, players will find the first monitor required to take down the laser grid.

For the next monitor, players need to turn right halfway through the jumping sequence between Vosik and the Siege Engine boss. There they will find some pipes which they need to climb to reach a scaffolding with a room at its end, containing the monitor.

The third monitor can be found after finishing the Siege Engine boss encounter. Players need to jump off of the back of the boss and wait for it to fall. Once it does, they need to look for a panel on the side of a wall, which they can enter and which will lead them to the next monitor.

Another monitor is located right next to the laser grid, after completing the second Aksis, Archon Prime encounter.

Aksis is the final boss of the raid so killing him is necessary in order to acquire the Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle.

If players managed to activate all other monitors before activating the final one, they will be able to pass through the laser grid to open up the loot chest.

The loot chest will reward players with a SIVA Engine and an Exotic quest, Channeling the Corruption.


After completing the raid and acquiring the Exotic quest, players will need to perform a lot of different tasks and quests in order to get their hands on the exotic weapon.

First of all, they need to talk to Shiro-4 at Felwinter Peak which will complete the An Engine Less Ordinary step of the quest.

The next step for the Exotic quest is Be The Battery with multiple requirements. This step of the quest isn’t a single man job and requires the fireteam to have one Hunter, one Warlock and one Titan. All three players must also have the SIVA Engine.

If the fireteam fulfills these requirements, they can proceed to completing this step which requires them to:

  • Complete a Nightfall strike
  • Complete three public events (including Archon’s Forge) in the Plaguelands
  • Complete three Heroic strikes or Crucible matches
  • Get 50 kills with a pulse rifle

Once Be The Battery is completed, the same fireteam can move to That Light May Bind step. The players need to gather at Felwinter Peak and inspect their SIVA Engines. After activating the first node of the engine, all three players must enter the correct sequence corresponding to their class, simultaneously.

From left to right, the sequences are:

  • Hunter: middle, bottom, middle, middle, bottom (2,3,2,2,3)
  • Warlock: bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom (3,1,3,1,3)
  • Titan: bottom, middle, bottom, middle, bottom (3,2,3,2,3)

Once the sequences have been entered correctly, players will be able to complete the next two nodes that appear and then the final node which will complete this step

Speaking to Shiro-4 after this sequence will start the Parts of the Whole step for the Exotic quest. This will require players to perform various tasks listed below:

  • Actively explore the Plaguelands
  • Fight in the Archon’s Forge three times
  • Destroy Sepkis Perfected

Sepkis Perfected requires players to play Devil’s Lair strike at 320 Light level while “Actively” exploring basically means players need to kill and do missions, which can be easily done while fighting in the Archon’s Forge.

After completing this step, players will need to talk to Shiro-4 once again to acquire Equalization Equation which needs them to once again solve puzzle in the SIVA Engine. This time in the puzzle there are four nodes in each column, top one being 1 and bottom being 4. From left to right, the sequence of entry is:

  • Hunter: 2,4,4,1,4
  • Warlock: 1,3,3,3,4
  • Titan: 4,2,1,2,3

Hunters and Warlocks can try exchanging their codes if their original one doesn’t work.

Speaking to Shiro-4 after the puzzle will begin the Running the Math step for the Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle quest. This will require players to run the raid for the second time, with the same characters. After players complete all the major encounters, they will receive a SIVA Control Grid.

The final part of the Exotic quest is Unknowable Science where players have to return to Felwinter Peak. The correct solution for this varies from player to player so everyone will have to figure out their solution. Players need to inspect the SIVA engine in their inventory, hover their cursor over each node and read the numerical value.

These values need to be plugged into this SIVA Engine puzzle calculator ( , created by some passionate community members. The calculator will give a list of possible solutions and everyone in fireteam needs to test them out until they find a working solution.

Once everyone in the fireteam has completed their solution, they can press the finish button and then talk to Shiro-4 who will reward them with the Outbreak Prime Exotic pulse rifle.