Destiny: Rise of Iron Guide – Level Up Fast, All Exotic Weapons, Splicer Keys Farming, All Collectibles, and More

Destiny: Rise of Iron Guide to help you uncover every secret, acquire all exotic/raid weapons, and nab all collectibles in the game.

There is a ton of content that Bungie has put out with Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion. From increased Level Cap to new exotic weapons, Wrath of the Machine raid, new collectibles, quests – there is a lot of work to be done.

While we have already covered each and everything in detail, this Destiny: Rise of Iron Guide kind of works like a compendium to help you check if you missed out on anything on your way to hundred percent the game.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Guide

As mentioned earlier, our Destiny: Rise of Iron Guide details each and everything you need to know about attaining hundred percent completion status.

How to Hit the Rise of Iron Level Cap – Power Leveling

Destiny: Rise of Iron has a new Level Cap which you must reach in order to take on the expansion’s raid named Wrath of the Machine. The method essentially revolves around Farming the Omnigul Boss from Will of Crota strike.

By using the method, you can hit the Level Cap in a couple of hours. However, if you are not comfortable with grinding Omnigul – for whatever reason – you can check out our Rise of Iron Power Leveling Guide for more information.

Where to Find Rise of Iron Exotic Weapons

There are a bunch of new exotic weapons in Destiny: Rise of Iron. These weapons include Year-3 Gjallarhorn, an upgraded version of Khvostov from Year-1, among others.

Getting these new Rise of Iron exotic weapons requires the completion of one or more quests and finding a bunch of items. Luckily, we have covered each of these weapons in great detail so you should have no difficulty in getting started.

Dead Ghosts Locations – Where to Find

There are a total of 27 Dead Ghosts in Playstation 4 version of the game and 26 Dead Ghosts in Xbox One version. You can refer to our Rise of Iron Dead Ghosts Locations guide for more details on each and every Dead Ghost.

Rise of Iron Lord Artifacts and Ornaments – How to Get

There are plenty of Iron Lord Artifacts – each with unique effects – that can be acquired in Rise of Iron expansion. Apart from that, there are ornaments which basically let you customize your Weapons/Armor in a variety of ways.

You can refer to our Iron Lords Artifacts Guide and Rise of Iron Ornaments Guide for more details!

Splicer Keys Farming and Skeleton Keys Farming

Splicer Keys and Skeleton Keys in Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion are very useful items – especially if you mess things up in Archon’s Forge. Luckily, both of these items can be farmed rather easily if you know where to look at!

If you are looking for farming either of them, you can refer to our Splicer Keys Farming Guide and Skeleton Keys Farming Guide for more information.

Rise of Iron Medallions and Dormant SIVA Clusters Locations

These are multiple Medallions and Dormant SIVA Clusters that can find in Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion. These collectible are required in order to acquire a couple of exotic weapons such as the Year-3 Gjallarhorn.

If you are looking to find each and every secret that Destiny: Rise of Iron holds, refer to our Rise of Iron Medallions Locations Guide and Dormant SIVA Clusters Locations Guide for more details.

This is all we have on Destiny: Rise of Iron Guide to get hundred percent completion status. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!