Watch Some Brutal Combat In This New Mafia 3 Trailer

Mafia 3 is just a week away from launch and developer Hangar 13 is revealing new details regarding the game to keep the hype up. This time the developer has released a new Mafia 3 trailer which showcases brutal combat that will be featured in the game.

The Mafia 3 trailer does not shy away from showing Lincoln Clay’s brutal skills, which he learned while serving in the Vietnam War. The video showcases Lincoln as a master killer, and is able to take down his enemies any way he wants.

He can snap the neck of his enemies if he is in stealth mood, he can go in guns blazing and brutally murdering everyone in his path or he could just use a sniper rifle and take out enemies from a distance.

Recently, Hangar 13 detailed the driving and car physics for Mafia 3. Acccording to the devs, there will be two different options for driving in Mafia 3.

One option is “Arcade” which makes the driving in the game much more easier, and the second one is “Simulation”, which is comparison with other driving simulator games is nothing. However, the second option does makes driving in Mafia 3 difficult, and players will find it hard to steer.

Hangar 13, has been revealing new gamplay videos for Mafia 3, as recently the developer revealed a gameplay video detailing hot to make money in the game, and why the players should not keep their money in their wallet.

According to executive producer, Andy Wilson, Lincoln can earn money in Mafia 3 in a variety of ways, either by taking out individual gangsters or by controlling the entire crime ecosystem of the districts. The later one will give you more money.

Mafia 3 is in development at Hangar 13 and will be launching on October 7, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.