Initial Focus On Streaming To Blame For Bad Xbox One Sales

Phil Spencer, the current president of Xbox, sat down with Stevivor to talk about the reason behind the bad Xbox One sales. While the various unpleasant revelations that came out before the Xbox One release may have also tainted its sales, Spencer says that the reason behind the bad sales are due to the console’s focus on video streaming.

According to Spencer, the Xbox team was under pressure to find out how to sell the console while Don Mattrick (who has since resigned from Xbox to head Zyngga and has since also run them into the ground) was at the helm. According to Spencer, the Xbox One was emphasized by the rest of Microsoft as being an all-in-one multimedia platform.

This later turned out to be a bad idea, naive even, according to Spencer. The bad Xbox One sales were attributed to the console being forced to do too many things at once instead of focusing on the thing that people were most looking forward to: being a game console.

This isn’t even taking into account the various intrusive DRM and internet connectivity requirements that the Xbox One was originally announced with, which turned many people against Microsoft and toward the open arms of Playstation.

Since the Xbox One came out in 2013, the Playstation 4 has completely lapped its sales numbers, which are also attributed to a greater selection of quality, exclusive games.

Microsoft has since begun to struck back with increased integration between PC and Xbox One (particularly with its Play Anywhere program) but Playstation still has a very large lead on the Xbox.

Bad Xbox One sales are likely a thing of the past by now, but despite this the Xbox One will remain behind the Playstation until the next console generation runs around (or at least until the Scorpio comes out).