Mike Ybarra Talks About The Future of Xbox One and Windows

Ever since this year’s E3 came out, with the announcement of the Xbox One and a number of other announcements that were linking the Xbox One with Microsoft Windows PCs, the website Windows Central sat down with Xbox platform chief Mike Ybarra to talk about what the future of Microsoft, Xbox, and Windows looked like.

According to Ybarra, Microsoft’s current priority is to bring the best of Windows 10 to the Xbox One, and the best of the Xbox One to the Windows 10 PC. Considering that the Xbox One Play Anywhere program is now underway since ReCore was released, allowing games that were formerly exclusive to the Xbox One to now be playable on PCs, one could say that the bridging process is going fairly well.

Mike Ybarra also brought up how the Universal Windows Platform and Cortana functions, previously only available on Windows phones and Windows computers, will be or are now available on the Xbox One.

Though the Playstation 4 has the advantage over the Xbox One in sales, Microsoft’s increasing integration between their console and PC platforms might be able to give the Xbox an edge that it needs. Adding that to the Xbox One Scorpio that’ll be coming out soon, and Mike Ybarra has every reason to be confident that Microsoft can come back from a rather dismal three years of the Playstation coming out ahead.

The Scorpio in particular actually has a fairly good chance of outselling the Playstation 4 Pro. It has better processing power in particular, which would help games on it have a higher resolution and framerate. That, coupled with the processing power already available on PCs, could help Microsoft have more sales on the Scorpio over the Pro.

Either way, the Scorpio still won’t be coming out until sometime in 2017, so until then Microsoft will likely be busy making sure that the Xbox One can catch up to the PC as much as possible to make them nearly indistinguishable.