FIFA 17 Tips: How to Take Free Kicks, Corners, Throw ins, Penalties

FIFA 17 Tips on how to take free kicks, corners, throw-ins, and penalties to take full advantage of these match-turning moments.

In FIFA 17, you cannot neglect the importance of mastering the art of shooting perfect free kicks, throw-ins, corners, and penalties. It goes without saying that these match-turning points can win or lose you a game – depending on how you execute them.

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FIFA 17 Tips on Free Kicks, Corners, Penalties

This FIFA 17 guide provides a general overview of these kicks and how to execute them.


In order to begin, press the left-analogue-stick in any direction. If you want a high penalty kick, you need no more than 2 bars and if you want a low penalty, a tad over 1 bar should suffice.

In addition to this, you can also change up your starting position using the right-analogue-stick. For the penalty shootout, choose someone with decent shot values and never let the bar reach more than 50% or the ball will fall next to the gate.

As goalkeeper, you can move using the right-analogue-stick. Do, however, make sure to dive only when the striker has touched the ball and not before.

Free Kicks

When it comes to free kicks, you always need to observe the player’s strong foot and choose players with high shooting power and kick stats. Apart from that, you need to align the camera in a way that the outer player from the opposing end is in the line with the net.

As for the bar, you always need to make sure that you stay under the 2/3rd of the power of the ball or it will fall outside the gate.


For corners, you need to have perfect timing and cross attribute. In addition to this, it is also recommended that you practice them in Free Mode to master the technique.

After choosing the player, move the yellow cursor to the targeted area and choose your desired power. Once done, move the desired player into position and take the shot. It is highly recommended that you go with front-post or back-post and give yourself some space of clear run-up.


If you like to fake throw-ins, you need to have e clear understanding of which player to throw to and which one to fake to. Once you have decided that, all you need to do is to press B then A on Xbox One.

The important thing to note here is to make sure that you point the left-analogue-stick towards the player you want to throw to. This neat little addition can definitely help you get back in the game and even score win when executed properly.

This is all we have on FIFA 17 Tips free kicks, corners, throw-ins, and penalties. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!