Bulletstorm Remaster Rated By Brazilian ARB, Coming For Console And PC

Bulletstorm may be on its way to PC and next-gen consoles with a remaster. According to Gematsu, a Bulletstorm Remaster called “Full Clip Edition” has been rated by the Brazil Advisory Rating Board and it’s going to be published by Gearbox Software, with its scheduled release in the next year.

Bulletstorm was released by People Can Fly and Epic Games back in 2011 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC and even if its gameplay was pretty good, this game didn’t reach the top selling board.

Anyway there has been a lot of talking about Bulletstorm after Cliff Bleszinski, formerly at Epic Games, came out with a Tweet claiming that some developers from People Can Fly have bought back the IP in order to make a sequel.

“Pretty sure a bunch of the original devs of Bulletstorm bought the IP back and are working on a sequel, BTW. Google it. Makes me happy”.

After that, people started talking about a possible sequel during E3 2016 when the content of an usb drive was shared by Poligon. One of the folders was named Bulletstorm Remaster and it contained some screenshots in High Resolution of this game.

We don’t currently know if the rumors are true, anyway this game could be a good remaster and it would help the series to get known by the players.

Stay-tuned if you want to know more about a possible Bulletstorm Remaster and share your thoughts in the comments box below!