Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser Shared By Creator

Michel Ancel has just revealed what appears to be a new Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser. Totally out of the blue, the creator unveiled a new image on his Instagram account which looks a lot like yet another teaser for the sequel of the critically acclaimed 2003 game.

The image shows an infant pig, which might be Pey’j from Beyond Good & Evil, sitting on the shoulder of a bearded man who is a mystery at this point.

Despite Ubisoft constantly claiming the game hasn’t been cancelled, the lack of any solid information regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2 has many believing the sequel is a pipe dream at this point.

There was another Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser back in 2012 in the form of some concept footage showing the protagonist Jade. That specific teaser and now this one suggests that the game might not be cancelled but what exactly remains of its earlier ideas and premise is unclear.

After all, the original game showed Pey’j as an adult, adopted uncle of Jade actually, while the concept footage showed Jade had grown up since the first game. So this new image of an infant Pey’j, if it’s true, suggests some big changes for the sequel.

Michel Ancel is currently working on Wild as part of his indie studio Wild Sheep, while also being employed by Ubisoft so the chances of a sequel aren’t exactly zero.

It is also possible that this specific Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser comes from a fan and Michel liked it so much that he shared it on his Instagram. Hopefully, he will provide some more clarification of the image.

Given Ubisoft’s endorsement and praises of Nintendo NX, it is possible we might finally get to see some solid information regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2, possibly also as a Nintendo NX game.