The Saboteur 2 Had Been In Development When Pandemic Studios Closed Down

Ex-Pandemic Studios creative director recently confirmed in an interview that The Saboteur 2 was actually in development around the time EA closed down the development studio.

According to Morgan Jaffit, who served as associate creative director and lead designer at Pandemic Studios’ Brisbance office, even after the studio closed down, he was called on to stay at work to serve as creative director on the DLC for the original Saboteur game as well as development of The Saboteur 2.

However, Morgan soon left because he didn’t feel the entire development process was going according to his view and there was too much corporate involvement without anyone from actual development team being able to call the shots.

Morgan said that such decision making and development processes aren’t healthy for either the developers or the product they are trying to create. During the interview with GameHugs, he mentioned

There were multiple conversations that ended in “well, I have to take that to a creative director”. But then the creative director has to take that to Andrew Goldman – CEO and Greg Borrud – director of production and so on. Then the process would turn into them regularly being overruled by forces inside EA that had nothing to do with development.

Two weeks of similar work interference finally made Morgan sure that he would be unable to make games the way he wanted to or had in the past.

Pandemic Studios under Morgan had created some truly amazing games at that time including the two Star Wars Battlefront games, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and Destroy All Humans so it was a testament to what the studio was capable of without any outside interference.

Shortly after Morgan’s departure, all the other projects in the pipeline at Pandemic got shut down, the list of which now includes The Saboteur 2 alongside Battlefront III, a game based on The Dark Knight movie and a third Mercenaries game.