RockStar Announced GTA Online Bikers DLC Release Date, Coming Oct. 4

GTA Online is one of the most successful games in Rockstar’s portfolio and it seems that the developer still intends to support the game as much as it can with new content.

Last week Rockstar announced Biker DLC for the game and now the developer has announced GTA Online Bikers DLC Release Date.

Rockstar announced the GTA Online Bikers DLC Release Date through their official website. According to the Rockstar, the Biker DLC for GTA Online will launch on October 4, 2016.

GTA Online Bikers DLC will introduce underground Motorcycle Clubs to the game with new modes and new customization items.

Bikers – the next addition to GTA Online – brings underground Motorcycle Clubs to the forefront of the Los Santos and Blaine County criminal underworld with a rash of all new competitive and co-operative gameplay as well as new modes, vehicles, weapons, clothing and much more. GTA Online: Bikers arrives on October 4th as an automatic update to GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Rockstar has also released some new screenshots for the Bikers DLC, and also reveled some new details regarding the new content.

Rockstar has revealed that players will now be able to do melee combat while riding “any Motorcycle, including the new Western Rat Bike”. Also, the players will be able to promote to the higher ranks of the biker club, but for that, they “must earn the President’s respect to get promoted within the ranks”.

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