Battlefield 1 Story Trailer Shows Characters, Glory and Horror of War

The Battlefield 1 story trailer has finally been released by DICE, and even though the six-mission campaign isn’t going to be the focus of the game, DICE appears to be doing its best to not make it seem like a half-assed addition to the game before it releases this October.

Battlefield 1’s story mode will focus on a number of different characters across one of the world’s most devastating conflicts, and will take us from the Western Front in France to the Middle East and the Sinai Desert, including Bedouin Arabs, black men from the Harlem Hellfighters regiment of US Army troops, a British tank driver, an American pilot, men from the ANZAC (New Zealand Army Corps), and more.

The Battlefield 1 story trailer shows us a wide variety of gameplay as well, not just the run-and-gun style of infantry but also driving the first primitive tanks, flying biplanes, riding horses, shooting down airplanes, and even putting on armor in order to become one of those nearly-invincible behemoths that we’ve seen in the game’s multiplayer, wielding machine guns and standing up to sniper rifle shots as they walked across the battlefield.

Most depictions of World War 1 mainly focus on the Western Front, paying no attention to the other areas of the war. While various movies about World War 1, such as Flyboys, The Lighthorsemen, Lawrence of Arabia, and more have focused on other branches and areas of the conflict, the Battlefield 1 story trailer shows that it’s likely that the game’s story mode will do its best to go to nearly every theater of the conflict and show off a wide variety of different characters.

Battlefield 1 won’t be coming out until around October 21 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, but hopefully DICE and EA will give us a bit of gameplay for the game’s story mode in the near future.