10 Things You Should Know About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is less than a month away from release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. EA’s new shooter is set in World War 1 and DICE has done its best to provide the most authentic experience.

The recently held open beta gave us a chance to try out a couple of game modes in Battlefield 1. Over 13 million players joined the action and most of them left the beta satisfied.

Attention to detail is exceptional and improvements have been made to many of Battlefield’s gameplay elements. DICE has also added a deeper level of destruction, which means complete chaos on the maps.

There is so much to know about Battlefield 1 that you may have missed a few details. So here are 10 things you should know about EA DICE’s Battlefield 1.

Easy to Join Squad

Battlefield 1

Joining a Squad on the same servers was not that easy before Battlefield 1 showed up. In fact, if you regularly play with your friends online this was pretty much a pain in your behind.

However, with Battlefield 1, EA DICE added an Easy to Join feature that lets you create or join much more conveniently. Also, you can make your squads Private so only your friends have access to them.

Dynamic Destrcution

Another major aspect of Battlefield 1 is dynamic destruction. Fans have been asking for more and more improvements in levelution and EA DICE is bringing its A-Game to Battlefield 1. Previous games featured amazing levels of destruction but it was scripted.

Battlefield 1

Some buildings can not be fully destroyed but still you can pretty much level a city. The Sinai Desert map only gave us a taste of what things would be like in Battlefield 1.

Airships is Not on Rails

The airships we saw in Battlefield 1 trailers and alpha are not on rails. These massive ships are controlled but the player can be placed anywhere on the map. You can fly it over the main objectives and freely bomb other players which is a lot of fun.

Battlefield 1

Of course, these massive airships are easy targets and can be taken down without much difficulty, I would say. DICE could have easily put these on rails but it chose to give players control.

No Aim Down Sight With Gas Mask

You can throw poison grenades in Battlefield 1 which means the enemy would need to wear a glass mask and so will you. But keep in mind that while wearing gas masks either to avoid poison gas or a sand storm, you won’t be able to aim down the sight.

Battlefield 1

The best way to use gas masks is during close encounters in buildings and houses, where you don’t need to aim down sight to target your enemy.

Player Footsteps

This isn’t a new feature but Battlefield 1 has really improved its footstep audio quality. The sound is much clearer which is very useful, especially, if you are a sniper inside a building and are afraid someone will sneak up on you from behind.

Battlefield 1

If someone is in the building and not careful with his steps, you will know about it and have time to prepare yourself. Of course, if someone silently walks up behind you, you’re done for.

Modular Vehicle Damage

This is a small but very useful addition to the game as it lets you end dog fights much quicker. You can damage parts of a plane which affects its ability to maneuver which allows you to take it down faster. It is also effective for others vehicles.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 vehicles are fun and easy to get used to even for those who don’t use them as much in previous games.

Take on Different Roles

Battlefield 1 campaign hasn’t been talked about much but we know that the player will be taking on different roles throughout the game. According to its ESRB rating, Battlefield 1 players can take control of different characters throughout the game.

Battlefield 1 insiders

You can play as a fighter pilot, armor crewman, rebel fighter, and message runner in order to complete missions.

Dynamic Wether Effect Can be Unfair

It is common knowledge that Battlefield 1 feature dynamic weather system. This means that dynamic weather events can happen at any time during the match. They look really good but sometimes they can be unfair to players.

Battlefield 1

For example, during the beta, we noticed that sand storms snipers are completely rendered useful for about two to two and half minutes. I found myself redeploying with a different class as being sniper was no longer a viable option.

It is hard to say how these event effect gameplay for snipers on other maps but Sinai dessert is not a sniper friendly place during a sandstorm.

Real Time View of the Battleffield

Battlefield 1 comes with a real-time top-down view of the map, showing you enemy vehicles and your teammates. You can also different capture points etc.

Battlefield 1

This helps you better judge where you need to spawn as you can see the battle coming. Once you select a point on intently zoom down and start playing. The animation is really smooth and adds to the game’s immersion.

Beyonet Weapons

With just a press of a button, your character will charge with his weapon that has Bayonet attached. Anyone in his way will not have a happy ending.

Battlefield 1

It is a great way to get instant melee kills as we have seen in the open beta for Battlefield 1.

So there you have it, our top ten list things you needed to know about Battlefield 1. Take to the comments below and let us know if we have missed something.