Destiny Rise Of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine Glitch Lets You Skip One Boss And Still Gives Loot

Rise Of Iron is the last piece of expansion for Destiny that Bungie has recently released. While the developers are considering its plans for the future of the game, it seems before that Bungie have some glitches to resolve, as Wrath of the Machine glitch lets players skip one of the three bosses in the raid and still gives them loot.

Destiny’s new raid, Wrath Of The Machine, which came with Rise Of Iron has total of three bosses, and the Siege Engine is the one that can be skipped. The Siege Engine fight takes place on top of the wall, where the players have limited time where they have to stop The Siege Engine, before it smashes players into a barrier.

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If players manage to beat the boss they can climb the siege engine and ride through the barrier and then players will have to get it in working shape to cross the second barrier.

However, there is a glitch in Destiny Rise Of Iron’s geometry that allows players to jump through both barriers if they find a right spot and skip the whole battle. According to Redditor NotTheLoneWolf, who recorded how to bypass the boss using the glitch, it requires some serious platforming but should not be hard for players who have allies.

Also the loot chest will be present on the other side of the barrier even though if players have not defeated the whole thing.

Naturally, Bungie will be looking to patch this Wrath of the Machine glitch as soon as possible, as skipping about a third of the raid reduces the level of challenge for the raid that is supposed to be the toughest raid of all.

Destiny is a first person always online shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.