New Sumeria Civilization Detailed In New Civilization 6 Trailer

The new Sumeria civilization has been revealed and detailed in a new Civilization 6 trailer, showing off the abilities and strengths of one of the world’s oldest known civilizations. Led by Gilgamesh (from the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known written work of literature), Sumeria brings a touch of the mythical into a fairly historic game.

To start off with, Sumeria is led, as said above, by Gilgamesh. While it’s not known whether he’s a real person doing the regular, ancient “descended from gods” angle, or a mythological character, he’s an aggressive character that is nevertheless loyal to his allies, as his “Adventures with Enkidu” ability suggests. With it, he shares pillaging spoils and experience with friendly units that are within five tiles, during a joint war with an allied civilization.

Sumeria’s special unit and building are the War Cart and Ziggurat, respectively. The War Cart is a powerful ancient-era unit that takes no damage from spearmen, and gets a movement bonus when starting from open terrain.

The Ziggurat gives a bonus to science and culture when it’s built near a river, but can’t be built on a hill.

The Sumeria civilization also has a special ability called “Epic Quest”, which allows you to get a tribal village reward (a random reward that can be anything from a new technology to gold) every time you destroy a barbarian camp, which could be especially helpful in the early game.

The Sumeria civilization is best with early-game expansion and allying with other civilizations to win a diplomatic or conquest victory, with all of the combat bonuses it gets. If you want to make Sumeria a world power and see if Gilgamesh really is two-thirds god and one-third man, you can choose Sumeria as your civilization of choice when Civilization 6 comes out on October 21.