Report: Steam UI Overhaul To Arrive In A Few Weeks, A Visual Refresh And More Coming

Valve is about to overhaul its entire UI for Steam, according to a leaked post from Valve. The post was originally posted in a closed group of developers only Steamworks page, the post outlines all the changes coming to digital storefront, including complete Steam UI overhaul, new filter sections and more.

The leak comes from a NeoGaf user, Nzyme32. The most notable change suggested in the leak is Home Page Visual Refresh. The Steam UI overhaul will see bigger images used for in some places and adding “new ways of surfacing games, and remove some visual clutter”.

Furthermore, the Steam UI overhaul will also see the inclusion of a additional left column navigation. Users will notice a new section of links to main destinations like new releases, top sellers, recently updated, upcoming releases, and specials.

Also when user will be logged in, there will be links to “sections for you such as popular among friends, recommendations by curators you follow, and your discovery queue”.

Another noticeable change that will come with Steam UI overhaul will be the addition of Global Customer Preferences. Valve plans to add new options that will let users choose their preferences specific to the product types they wish to see. “This will let customers opt to exclude particular types of products, such as Early Access, Software, Videos, and VR from appearing on their Steam home page and on a couple other browse pages”.

Valve is also bringing some changes to visibility for new game releases. Now the new game releases will appear in different ways on “New on Steam” page and in the “New on Steam” Queue. According to the leak, the goal is to market the games to a dedicated and potential group of customers.

These are not the only changes that will be coming to Steam, as recently Valve made some changes to Steam reviews which caused a backlash from a handful of developers.

The Steam UI overhaul is expected to arrive in a few weeks, and Valve is also welcoming feedback from the developers.