(Update) Nintendo 64 Emulator Available On Xbox One

Update: The Emulator has been pulled from Microsoft’s Store.

Original Story: Retrogaming is back into favor in 2016 both with the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nes and a Nintendo 64 emulator available on Xbox One.

This thing started a few months ago when Nintendo announced that Nintendo Classic Mini: Nes, a shrunken version of the standard console, was coming this fall with HDMI support and 30 games pre-installed.

Well, it seems Nintendo hit the jackpot with the retro game stuff because the world went crazy and a tremendous number of players pre-ordered the shrunken NES.

It’s kind of strange since PCs can emulate almost every existing console, but players do want a physic device to play with, especially if it’s an old one.

Does it mean next-gen console can’t emulate old games? Absolutely not. As we quoted, there is a Nintendo 64 Emulator available on Xbox One.

Its name is Win64e10 and it’s a modified version of the Mupen64plus, previously available on Windows phone and Windows 10. Win64e10 currently costs $9,99 and it allows players to enjoy some of the most renowned games from the Nintendo 64-bit console.

Anyway, we don’t know if this emulator will keep his position at the marketplace since Microsoft is still able to remove it. So we suggest you be fast and give it a try if you are a nostalgic one and you want to play good old fashioned games.