China Users Can Currently Play League Of Legends On A Console

Have you ever dreamed of playing League Of Legends on a console? Well, this dream appears to come true, sort of, for Chinese gamers atleast.

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most famous MOBA in the world and it counts thousands of millions of players, but it’s only available for PC players.

One year ago back, the game was allegedly on its way to the Marketplace, but this news came out as a fake one and players lost their hope.

Anyway, Tencent Games announced few months ago a new gaming console called TGP (Tencent Gaming Platform). This console is one of a kind because it works as a Windows PC, so it can currently play games like Fifa, Call Of Duty and the already quoted LoL.

Unfortunately, the TGP is only available in China, so US and Europe users won’t be able to try this device.

But don’t worry! We have amazing games on console too! If you really are a MOBA addicted and you can’t wait to play something like League Of Legends on a console, you can try Paragon.

This game is being developed by Epic Games and its open beta is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. Paragon is a new entry in the MOBA and as you can see in this gameplay, it has already changed the MOBA concept.

Paragon allows you to follow the action way better thanks to the third person view. You must be fast to succed and you have to know every single weakness of the characters, whose roster will always grow and grow, dev said.

What are you waiting for?