13 Minutes Of Injustice 2 Gameplay Show Us Two Different Fights

Injustice 2 has started to get a lot of groundswell now that it’s been announced, and the latest bit of Injustice 2 gameplay that we’ve gotten shows two particular battles featuring everyone’s favorite heroes, Batman and Superman, against the super-intelligent ape Gorilla Grodd and the brutal Red Lantern Atrocitus.


So far the game has shown off a wide range of characters in the various trailers it’s gotten, not just through the heroes of DC, but also a notable amount of its villains. Grodd and Atrocitus are two new arrivals to the Injustice roster, as despite the many villains that were in the first game (including Batman villains like the Joker, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Ares, and Sinestro), they were not included.

If anything, Atrocitus might be angry that Sinestro was in the first game and he wasn’t.

From what we can see in the Injustice 2 gameplay, the game definitely looks like it was created by NetherRealm. The combat system is straight out of Mortal Kombat X, with players being able to use parts of the scenery to damage their opponents. There are even a number of arena-damaging stage transitions. Gorilla Grodd is able to make Batman ping-pong around a movie theater by hitting him with a counter-punch.

We also get to see a new mechanic, that of the “Clash” mechanic. When those happen, the two combatants will taunt one another and players will play a “rock paper scissors” game to see who wins the clash. Depending on who wins, they will wager segments of their Super (heh) meter and if they win will be buffed, such as getting increased damage.

The Injustice 2 gameplay we see also shows off the new Gear system, which will be dropping even as players max out their various characters and will include numerous other costumes that will even affect assist characters.