Forza Horizon 3 Stuttering On PC Could Be Due To DRM?

Today is the day when Forza Horizon 3 launches, however, those who pre-ordered the game had early access to it and have been enjoying it since September 23. While the game is smooth 30 FPS experience on Xbox One, but reports are coming in of Forza Horizon 3 stuttering issues on PC, and it could be due to the DRM.

According to reports, a quite beefy system hardware is required to play Forza Horizon 3 on Ultra settings and without MSAA, as this setting is the biggest performance eater. A lot of players have reported Forza Horizon 3 stuttering issue on PC.

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While the exact source of this dip in performance is not known, however, there is some evidence that suggests Microsoft’s new form of appx format encryption for the game might be the culprit behind it.

According to DSOGaming, both Forza Horizon 3 and Halo 5 Forge on PC uses the Windows’Encryption File System, which encrypts and decrypts the game files on the fly when these games are installed on a system.

Furthermore, a Redditor named “dkhavilo” has done some tests of its own, and while the results do not indicate that this encryption system is the culprit for Forza Horizon 3 stuttering on PC, but it does show some relation between heavy CPU usage and game stuttering.

While the theory is quite plausible, but testing these games is very hard due to Universal Windows Platform, as overlays like MSI Afterburner are not yet compatible with it. So while there is a theory, but there is no graphical data to back it up.

Now, Halo 5 Forge also uses this encryption for PC, and issues like these are almost nonexistent. So there is a possibility that encryption is not the problem, but is could be the optimization of the game causing these stutters.

However, the game has officially launched today,so there might be a patch coming to fix these stuttering for Forza Horizon 3 PC.

Source: PC invasion