FIFA 17 Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Performance, Stuttering, FPS, Lag and Fixes

The King (atleast in sales) of soccer games is out folks. FIFA 17 is all set to consume your time like an abyss. With The all the new Journey mode, the game has managed to secure average to descent reviews but noone cares for that, right? For those who do, the game is working fine on consoles. PC users however, might come across some issues just like most games at launch.

So if you are facing any issue in running the game on PC, the following troubleshooting guide can serve the purpose of assistance.

FIFA 17 Errors, Bugs, Crashes and Their Fixes

#1 FIFA 17 Bug – Can’t Access Transfer Market
Currently, many users are complaining that they cannot access transfer market via web app. The game asks them to play the game before they can have access. It’s an annoying bug as users prefer to sell their unwanted stuff from packs they get quickly so that they can get their team ready before reaching home. The good news however, is that EA has acknowledged the bug and they are looking into it and it will hopefully be fixed soon.

#2 FIFA 17 – AMD Legacy Card Fix
I know there are many gamers out there who are primarily only FIFA gamers and they don’t want to upgrade the entire PC just for one game. However, if you are using any of the AMD classic cards, you might face issues while running FIFA 17.

Worry not though as there is a workaround that could solve your problem. Just keep in mind that this is not an official workaround and you should use it at your own risk. There are chances that it might not work for you.

#3 FIFA 17 Error when submitting SBC squad
If you are trying to submit the squad in “League and Nation Hybrid” with all the requirements fulfilled, there are chances that you might run into an error not letting you to do so. In that case, you should quit the game and re-launch it to see if there is any update that might fix the issue, if not, know that the issue is on EA’s radar and should be fixed with future updates.

#4 FIFA 17 Performance Issues on Laptop
If you are using a laptop, then you should make sure that the game is being run using the dedicated GPU (Nvidia/AMD) and not the dedicated one. This is a common issue that many users face resulting in bad performance/low FPS. Also, make sure that your machine is plugged in while you game.

#5 FIFA 17 Error 327683:o, Can’t Download/Install
The error is associated with your antivirus/security tool blocking the game is some way. So you can disable your antivirus/security tool while the game installs and you turn them back on once the installation is complete. Otherwise, you could also try adding an exception in your antivirus/security tool to make it work.

#6 FIFA 17 Game Crashes with a dll Error
Most .dll errors are usually directx related. If you are getting the error, you should go to the game’s directory and install all excutables in the vdist folder. If that doesn’t work, you can download and install the latest version of directx.

#7 FIFA 17 Resolution Fix
If your game is not saving the resolution setting change then you can do manually by adding it to the config file. You need to find fifasetup.ini in your game’s directory. Open in a notepad and here you will see parameters like resolutionwidth and resolutionheight. Enter the preferred values and save the changes.

#8 FIFA 17 Stuttering Fix
If you are facing stuttering issues on FIFA 17 on a capable rig, you should disable multi-threading optimization from Nvidia control panel. Sometimes Vsync also presents some issues, so toggling it could also fix your problem.

#9 FIFA 17 Windows 10 Crash Fix
If you are using Windows 10 and the game is crashing for you. You should try running the game in compatibility mode. Windows 7 compatibility modes seems to have worked well for users. Also, you should run the game as admin.

#10 FIFA 17 Connectivity and Lag Fix
Online play is the soul of FIFA 17 so if you are getting very high latency in the game, it won’t be any fun. So there are a few things you can try to resolve connectivity issues. First, if you are behind a router, make sure that the following ports are open on your router:

UDP: 3659, 9565, 9570, 9000 – 9999
TCP: 3569, 9946, 9988, 10000 – 20000, 42124

Sometimes, windows firewall or some antivirus software/tool could block game’s connection to servers. You should try adding an exception for FIFA 17 or disable those tools altogether while gaming. Just don’t forget to turn them back on after you are done playing the game.

If you are facing any other issues, let us know in the comments below.