Eve Valkyrie Will Be Getting Cross Network Support Ahead Of PS VR Launch

PlayStation VR is almost two weeks away from its launch and it will be bringing a whole new experience for the PlayStation 4 users. Eve Valkyrie is one of the games that will be available for PS VR at launch, and that is not all, as the game is getting Cross Platform support.

Eve Valkyrie was originally announced for Oculus Rift in 2013, and in 2014 the game was announced to be available for PlayStation VR. PC players have been piloting ships in the game since the game launched in Marc 2016, and the console release for the game is just around the corner.

PlayStation VR is going to launch on October 13, however, before that on October 10, developer CCP Games has announced that Eve Valkyrie will be getting a new patch that will include Cross Platform support to the game. Which basically means that PlayStation 4 players will be able to take on PC players who will be using Oculus Rift. As for the Cross Network Support between PS VR and HTC Vive players, it will be coming later this year.

That is not all, the developers will be including a new co-op mode, in which players will be able to invite friends to fight against waves of enemies. Playing in co-op will grant players XP and players will also be able to level up without going online.

Also CCP will also be including two new story missions, which will reveal more about the game’s backstory, and of course players will take on AI enemies all by themselves.

Also the developers will be adding new Daily Challenges, a communications wheel so that players can talk to teammates quickly, all new menu to track your stats and other fixes to improve player experience.

Eve Valkyrie is a multiplayer dog fighting shooter developed by CCP Games, and is set in Eve Online universe. The game is designed to be a virtual reality game.

Source: Uploadvr