EA Reveals How FIFA 17 Player Ratings Are Decided

Football fans are very passionate about their game, whether it is an actual match or in the form of a video game. Every year, EA causes a huge stir among those fans with the reveal of player ratings for every new FIFA game and this year is no different thanks to FIFA 17 player ratings.

This year while announcing the new FIFA 17 player ratings, EA replaced Lionel Messi with Christiano Ronaldo as the game’s highest rated player which divided the community once again. Even professional players such as Michy Batshuayi end up getting disappointed over some of those ratings.

Recently, ESPN got a chance to talk with Michael Mueller-Moehring, the producer of EA Sports’ internal database group, responsible for collecting and verifying data that ultimately ends up giving players these ratings.

According to Michael, there is a bit of guess work involved initially in some of these ratings mainly because of the massive amount of data but it seems like that mostly affects some of the obscure players.

That data is then further refined by a huge team of data reviewers including professional-level scouts and regular football viewers who actually watch most of the matches in stadiums.

The floor and ceiling of a player’s stats are also determined by the league in which they are playing and attributes shown in game will drop if before the release of the game, the player switches to smaller league in real life.

In the case of some players, like Thomas Muller, EA has to alter the ratings considerably by themselves in order to boost the player in game because their real life rating, if reflected accurately, would result in that player being too weak.

Michael mentioned that Thomas Muller’s positioning is his only strength and he isn’t much good at anything else, dribbling or shot power, which is why his rating ends up being very low and is then ultimately boosted by the developers.