Ryder’s Default Mass Effect Andromeda Name To Be Revealed Soon

Answering a question on Twitter, Mass Effect Creative Director Mac Walters confirmed that like the previous games, the playable character Ryder will have a default Mass Effect Andromeda name.

In the original Mass Effect trilogy, while players were given the choice of altering the appearance, gender and even the first name of their character, the default male character used for all promotional materials had a fixed first name, John.

Players had the choice to either stick with the default name for their female or male Shepard or set up their own first name. It seems like that choice will be returning in Mass Effect Andromeda and players will be able to use the default name for either of the Ryder siblings or set up their own name.

According to Mac, the default name, which is never really used in the games and character is instead referred to by their surname, will be revealed some time in the future.

With N7 day coming up on November 7th and Bioware expected to release more game information near that, it is possible they might reveal the default Mass Effect Andromeda name at that time.

This option allows players to create a highly customized experience of the game as per their choice or go for a tailor made one which the developers think is easy to get into.

A gameplay demo of Mass Effect Andromeda, the first demo in fact, was shown during the PS4 Pro Announcement event running at the new Sony console showcasing 4K visual quality. The demo also highlighted a new movement system being implemented in the game based on locomotion similar to Ubisoft’s For Honor.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to be released next year before Summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Despite the performance capabilities of the new hardware, Bioware has confirmed the game will be 30FPS on PS4 Pro.