New Quantum Break Steam Version Trailer Released

Remedy Entertainment has released a new trailer for the upcoming Quantum Break Steam version. The Microsoft exclusive, time travel related action game is set to be released on 29th September on Steam.

Originally declared as Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break ended up being released on PC as well through Microsoft’s own Windows Store.

The massive performance and gameplay issues that plagued the game probably ended up hurting the game’s sales alongside its presence on Windows Store which is why only a few months later, the Quantum Break Steam version was announced to cater to a bigger gamer market.

The PC retail version, Quantum Break Timeless Collector’s Edition as well as the Quantum Break Steam version were originally scheduled to release in early September but Remedy delayed the release to ensure the same fate as the Windows Store version doesn’t befall this new release.

This new Quantum Break Steam version trailer showcases some of the best moments from the game, which blended in gameplay and a live action show in a unique way, set to a fast paced and chilling music.

Unlike the Windows Store version, which worked only on Windows 10, the Quantum Break Steam version will work on all Microsoft operating systems after Windows 7 (it being included).

The recommended system requirements for the game ask for a GeForce GTX 970, 16GB RAM and a Core i5 4690 3.9GHz processor. Given the horrible performance optimization on the Windows Store version, the incredibly high amount of RAM required suggests that the Steam version may not be a perfect port.

The Quantum Break Steam version store page hasn’t been updated to show the new trailer or a price tag for the game but THQ Nordic, the new publishers of the game, have confirmed that the game will be sold for $40. The price is now same for all three PC releases; Windows Store, Steam version and physical Timeless Collector’s Edition.