People Underestimate the Power of PS4 Pro: Evolution Studios

PS4 Pro comes with little over 4 TFLOPs of GPU power and is able to run games at 4K (upscaled) at 30 FPS or above. It also runs games much better at 1080p as it is able to hit 60FPS on FULL HD, something that PS4 rarely does.

Compared to Project Scorpio, PS4 Pro, is 2 TFLOPs behind but according to Evolution Studios we are underestimating the power of PS4 Pro.

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The studio head also discussed a little about Driveclub VR and said that some players did get acclimatize over time playing it.

Interesting comments, especially, regarding what he said about Driveclub VR. Virtual Reality is still in its early life and as the community grows our minds will get used to handling VR.