Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Packs Release Date Info, First Pack To Release This Year

The game may not be fully out yet but the developers have already released more information about the release schedule of Forza Horizon 3 expansion packs. The game will be receiving two major expansion packs as part of the Expansion Pass.

According to Playground Games, those who own the Expansion Pass will have access to multiple car packs as well as two Forza Horizon 3 expansion packs, the first of which will be releasing later this year during holiday season. There is no fixed release date for the expansion pack.

The 2nd expansion pack will be released sometime next year, most probably before Spring 2017 however any specific launch window for it hasn’t been revealed yet.

More in depth details regarding the content as well as individual prices of both these Forza Horizon 3 expansion packs is unavailable at the moment but hopefully the developers will share some new information soon.

Considering that its predecessor, Forza Horizon 2 also received two expansions; Storm Island, which introduced a new area and the 2nd one being a major Porsche themed DLC, it is possible Forza Horizon 3 expansions packs might follow the same theme.

Fans who decide to purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game before the end of the year will get a $10 discount on the Expansion Pass which is otherwise priced at $35.

Ultimate Edition owners also had the advantage of getting to play the game early, starting on 23rd September while Deluxe and Standard Edition will be able to drive around Australia once the game officially launches tomorrow, 27th September.

With the release of Forza Horizon 3, judging by the reviews Playground Games seems to have yet another stellar racing game on their hands, one that is not only on PC but also looks amazing and performs considerably well. The game includes a massive roster of over 300 cars at launch while more will be added later as part of Expansion Pack or pre order bonuses.