Multiple Dishonored 2 Playthrough Will Benefit The Players According To Arkane Co-Founder

Dishonored 2 is still more than a month away but developers are already suggesting players on how to play the game. According to Arkane Studios co-founder Harvey Smith, players need to have at least two Dishonored 2 playthrough.

In a recent interview, Smith talked about how a single Dishonored 2 playthrough will only tell players part of the story and they won’t fully understand or appreciate it as it is probably around 25% of the game.

Harvey didn’t talk about whether multiple Dishonored 2 play through are recommended because of different Chaos endings or for some other reason. He did however hint that it might be because of story and event differences between both playable characters.

Initially in Dishonored 2, players will take over the role of Emily until a junction in the story where they will get to choose between Emily and Corvo. Whichever character they pick; they will have to stick to till the end of the game.

Harvey suggested that because of this pick, players will experience just one side of the story (missing conversations and other narrative pieces) in a single play through which is why it is recommended to play the game at least twice, once as each character.

Dishonored 2 takes places more than a decade after the first game with Emily grown up now and leading her people. The addition of Emily as a playable character adds a lot of new features and depth to the stealth action game as well as diverse and branching skill trees.

Dishonored 2 is set to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 11th November. According to Pete Hines, this is the biggest Fall 2016 release for Bethesda. Although he wasn’t referring to the gameplay length as Dishonored 2 will clock in at around 16-20 hours while The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim remaster will offer a lot more gameplay time.