Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests ‘The Plaguelands, Download Complete’ Guide

Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests guide to walk you through Download Complete and The Plaguelands in Bungie’s latest Destiny expansion.

These Rise of Iron Quests begin once you’re done with the initial set of quests called King of the Mountain and The Walls Come Down. Those of you who don’t know, The Plaguelands is the new Patrol Area in the expansion.

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Rise of Iron Quests Guide

In our Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests Guide, we have covered everything you need to know to complete The Plaguelands and Download Complete.

The Plaguelands

After scanning the Fallen near The Plaguelands entrance, head left, and deal with Splicer Fallen in the open area. Continue ahead, proceed through some corridors, and arrive in the Lords Watch.

After arriving in the new area, defeat a few of the Fallen, and continue towards the Bunker Triglav – past the boat. Don’t try to engage all of the Spliced Fallen and keep your head down to avoid getting hit by the dropship. Once the dropship has left the area, clear any remaining enemies, and proceed towards the building.

Once inside the building, you basically need to destroy a couple of shield generators – one on the upper-right side and one of the lower-left side of the building. After you’re done with both of them, head up and go through the door situated at the far end.

In the next section, you should be asked to disarm a total of three Artillery Guns. In order to do so, grab the Shock Cannon from out in the open, deal with a Splicer Captain – near each Artillery Gun – and fire at its underground heart. It’s also important to note here that you’ll run into enemies after destroying the first one, but it’s recommended not to pay them any heed.

After destroying all three Artillery Guns, get ready for a battle with Perfected Walker. I highly recommend using a Sniper Rifle and maintaining a decent amount of distance between your Guardian and the Perfected Walker.

The basic idea behind the battle is to target a single limb and continue shooting at it until you expose the central core. Once that happens, throw everything you have at the core and repeat the same process until the walker falls.

Download Complete

After starting the mission, waste no time in eliminating Cabal and use the door on the far side to access the Clovis Bray. After arriving in the open area, eliminate any threat and proceed towards the Laboratory.

To do so, head down the stairs and head left towards the wrecked stairway. You need to drop down from the stairway, interact with the elevator using Ghost, and then drop down. After arriving in the new area, clear the enemies, scan the console placed at the centre, and clear some more enemies to complete the quest.

This is all we have on Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests ‘Download Complete and The Plaguelands’ guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!