Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests ‘The Iron Tomb’ Guide – How to Defeat Remnants

Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests guide to walk you through The Iron Tomb, the fifth and final quest in Bungie’s latest Destiny expansion.

The Iron Tomb is acquired after you are done with Download Complete and The Plaguelands. Once you are done with this quest, you should be able to take on a number of other side-activities and Wrath of the Machine raid.

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Rise of Iron Quests Guide

In our Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests Guide, we have covered everything you need to know to complete The Iron Temple.

The Iron Temple

After heading to the designated area, head right in order to reach the Giant’s Husk. Once you arrive in front of the ship, you need to go past the large banner. In order to do so, take the stairs at the front side, but do not forget about enemies lurking around.

After you are asked to place the orb, hug the right-hand-side wall and place the orb in the upper area. Do not forget about the enemies in the area, but if you are Light Level 310 or above – there is no need to worry about them.

From there, proceed towards the Archon’s Keep. In order to do so, head out to The Plaguelands via backdoor, head left from the open area, and continue straight. Once you get to the large structure, clear the enemies in the area, and into the Archon’s Forge. Once again, engage or run past enemies to your preference and go through the tiny area to reach The Warrens.

Once you are in the new area, clear the enemies, head left, and reach Site 6 after a network of tunnels. For more details on how to reach Site 6, check out our How to Access Site 6 in Rise of Iron.

Anyway, once you are in Site 6, clear the enemies in the area and grab the Descent to the Iron Tomb. Your next objective is to find the SIVA Chamber. To do so, clear out the enemies – including a Captain – and inside the building ahead. Once inside, go round the corner to arrive at the large complex. Make sure that you have cleared all the enemies in the area – otherwise, you will not be able to proceed – and interact with the console to start the battle.

As soon as the battle starts, grab the Iron Battle Axe near the console. As for the attacks, you need to wary of an AoE blast, a mid-range machinegun attack, and a DoT attack. The basic tactic behind the boss battle is to rush in, stun the boss, land a couple of hits, and get away before the slam attack.

In addition to this, there are plenty of room for you to take cover behind and heal yourself up! Moreover, do not waste Iron Battle Axe ammo on lesser enemies. Although you can recharge it from around the arena, it is best to use it on Remnants.

In all honesty, you should not even worry about lesser enemies until you are about to get surrounded. Once you have managed to kill the first one, stick to the same strategy for the other two and you should do fine. After the battle is over, initiate the self-destruction sequence and dash outside.

This is all we have on Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests ‘The Iron Tomb’ Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!