Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests ‘King of the Mountain, The Walls Come Down’ Guide

Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests Guide to walk you through King of the Mountain and Walls Come Down – initial set of quests in Bungie’s newly released expansion.

In Destiny: Rise of Iron, it is paramount that you complete these quests and progress in order to increase your Light Level and take on the expansion’s endgame content called Wrath of the Machine raid.

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Rise of Iron Quests Guide

In order Rise of Iron Quests Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing King of the Mountain and Walls Come Down.

King of the Mountain Quest Guide

After accepting the quest, head over to the designated area and up the cliff. A little ahead, eliminate a few of Shanks and Vandals to proceed ahead. After reaching the Gondola Station at the very top, hack the nearby console to gain access.

During the journey, beware of Shanks and Vandals shooting at you – they’re push-over if you are careful! After dropping down, continue along the path and follow it round the outer skirts of the mountain. A little ahead, eliminate Fallen and head towards the building to receive Defend the Mountaintop objective.

Once the battle begins, head behind a cover and deal with a few invisible Vandals – they can cause you the most frustration. Do note that if you are not careful, Vandals can easily take you out. After you asked to Reach the Temple to defeat the Fallen, don’t do so!

Instead of heading left into the temple, head right to eliminate all Dregs until Sepiks Perfected flies away. From there, clear the temple to battle Sepiks Perfected on the bridge.

When it comes to defeating Sepiks Perfected, make sure that you’re behind cover at all times and try to deplete his shield. Once done, you should easily be able to damage him using anything at your disposal – long-ranged preferred.

Another thing to keep in mind is taking long to eliminate Sepiks Perfected will cause lesser enemies to spawn in the area. Simply stick to the strategy above and you should complete one of Rise of Iron Quests in no time.

The Walls Come Down

After heading to the designated position, continue a little ahead and eliminate a few of the Fallen – there are a couple of Captains in there as well, be careful! Once you’re done with them, head left from the vehicular wreckage and inside alleyways.

After arriving in the new area, eliminate Vandal on upper-right and head to the footbridge on the left-hand-side. A little head, deal with some more of the Fallen and arrive in The Divide.

Soon after arriving in the new area, scan the red rubble sitting in a corner to get a new objective and deal with Hive enemies – engaging or leaving them is solely your call! In order to continue the objective, head right to find a destructible wall near the right corner.

Break the wall, proceed through it, and interact with the system. For the final push, make sure to eliminate Vandal snipers, Splicer Fallen, and captains. Once you’re done with everything, you should complete the quest.

This is all we have on Destiny: Rise of Iron Quests ‘King of the Mountain and The Walls Come Down’ guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!