Top Ways To Reduce Or Tackle Your Video Game Frustration

We all have been at that point in our gaming life where we have spent loads of time to defeat a boss and it’s one hit away from its demise. When suddenly out of nowhere an attack comes from that very boss who is about to die by your hands and you find that your character has died. Moment like these are definitely to induce video game frustration, so help you deal with it we shall be telling you Top Ten Ways To Reduce/Tackle Video Game Stress.

Top Ten Ways To Reduce Or Tackle Your Video Game Frustration

Personally I have been through this video game frustration, and while I love a difficult or challenging games, my temperament on the other hand does not allows me to try and kill the same boss over and over again. So lets start with out Top Ten Ways To Relieve Video Game Frustration.

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Take Frequent Breaks

This is one of the video game frustration relieving way that you will hear from almost everyone. We gamers tend to play games for long periods of time, without any break which aside from other issues make us frustrated when can’t beat a boss or find our way through a certain level.

So when you find yourself frustrating over a boss just take a break and try and cool your mind. This will not only relieve stress but a calm mind will also help you to look for new ways to beat that boss or find your way through.

Listen To Music

Music is one way to relive stress in our everyday lives. I personally listen to music while I am kind of stressed or frustrated at work. Listening to your favorite type of music is very much recommended as it will not only calm you down but will also make you see things clearer and better.


Listening to music will not only calm you down but it will also invoke some pleasant memories of your past which will actually make you feel good.

Lower You Game Difficulty

Many gamers tend to play games on higher difficulties, and some times this habit of ours creates problem for us. As on higher difficulty some enemies are extremely difficult to defeat, which is sure to induce video game frustration. So lower the difficulty temporarily so that you can defeat that enemy.


However, if you are playing a game like Dark Souls, which does not allows you lower difficulty. Then my suggestion is that you follow our other ways to relieve your stress.

Remember That Games Are Learning Process

Some games don’t give players the choice of choosing difficulty, and they are plain simple difficult to play. Now beating punishing games gives you a sense of accomplishment. However, to get that feeling players must have go through countless failures, which induces video game frustration.


You must remember that video games are a process of learning they teach us a lot of things, and this case they can teach us patience and how to deal with things with a calm mind while everything is working against your temper. If still this does not work then refer the first tip, take a break.

Take Your Stress Out On A Pillow

Now if nothing in your life is working to relieve your video game frustration then instead of being angry at your controller or people around you, take out all that rage on something soft and cozy, like a pillow. Now to there are two ways to relive your stress using a pillow.


One is to fight with it to your heart extent, or collect your pillows in one place and throw your controller with full power on these soft pillows, this will relieve your stress without the risk of damaging your equipment.

Read A Walkthrough For That Particular Section Of Game

If other stress relieving methods are working but the game is constantly giving you frustration. becuase you still can’t beat the boss with a calm mind. Well in that case chances are you are not good at that game or that section of the game.


So in order to not get video game frustration again, pause your game and search for tips or walkthrough for that game so that you may not suck at it anymore and prevent yourself from video game frustration.

So what do you think of our Top ways to reduce video game frustration?Did I missed anything? Let us know in the comments.