It Only Took 2 Hours To Conquer Destiny Rise Of Iron Raid

Yesterday, was the day when Bungie finally released Destiny Rise Of Iron raid but it only took two hours to complete it after it went live.

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The honor to be the first to finish Destiny Rise Of Iron Raid goes to a Xbox One Destiny clan named Team Redeem. The six members of this firearms team are FleshCrunch, PvT Nuclear, Modern Tryhard, MagneticRubber, Snead and Ehroar.

Destiny Rise Of Iron raid went live at 1 p.m. ET and clan Team Redeem finished the raid shortly after 3 p.m., according to Bungie. The studio also confirmed that a group known as Clan Rival was second to complete the raid, moments after the first one.

Destiny Rise Of Iron raid, Wrath of the Machine, is set in Plaguelands which is a new zone added to the game with the expansion. This is the fourth raid introduced to the game, and the recommended Light level for this raid is 370.

Bungie has announced that the Light cap will be raised to 400 when the hard mode version of the new raid is released.

While Destiny Rise Of Iron is the last expansion for the game, but Bungie is considering its plans to bring old Destiny raids back. According to game director Christopher Barrett, Bungie is considering to bring them back, but did not confirmed that the old Destiny raids would definitely come.

Have you completed the Destiny Rise Of Iron raid? How much time did it take you? Let us know in the comments.