Xbox One Is Getting Its Own No Man’s Sky, Astronomer

While No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 might not have been what many expected thanks to misleading statements and marketing, other games may help soothe your wounds.

Xbox One and PC are getting an exploration game called Astroneer that sounds very promising. It is the story of a space adventurer who’s exploring the worlds at far ends of the galaxy.

The game features diverse worlds, base crafting, discovering resources and much more. Each world you visit can be reshaped with your tools.

Astroneer is a game about wonder. Humanity has recently gained the ability to travel between the stars, prompting a gold rush of sorts in space. You play an Astroneer: a near-future prospector seeking fortune and adventure, deposited on far-flung worlds by your enigmatic outfitting company.

Astroneers must use the tools available to them to build thriving bases, discover valuable resources, and uncover exotic and mysterious artifacts,” developer System Era Softworks has explained revealing the game on Xbox Wire

Astroneer features online co-op for up to 4 players who’ll be by your side while you explore the worlds beyond. The game will come to Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview Program on December 10.

Developers want to get the game in our hands in hopes of feedback that will help craft this adventure. The game is still in early development but if all goes well we should see a final release in the next year or so.

If No Man’s Sky taught us anything, it is never to trust PR talks and praise. The concept sounds promising but avoid getting your hopes up before the title is actually available to play in the Game Preview Program.