Overwatch Test Patch Adds New Voice Lines For Its Characters

Overwatch is one of the most successful multiplayer game launches of this year, and naturally Blizzard Entertainment is doing its best to make the game more appealing to gamers. Recently, Blizzard released an Overwatch test patch, which adds a spectator mode and tweaked and balanced some characters.

However, that is not all this Overwatch test patch brings to the game. The update also includes new voice lines for the game’s characters, some of these line are in correspondence with the new levels along with legendary skins, some of these hint at possible ability changes in characters, and of course some of them are just there for fun.

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You can checkout the new lines that were rounded by a Redditor Venxa. Some of the best lines among the new recorded ones according to us are.

Now these new recorded lines hint towards 2 new gameplay changes, however, these are just minor ones.First one is that, every character will now let the team know Ana has boosted them. The second is that Symmetra has some new lines for teleporters and shields, so there is a possibility that some changes are on the way.

In addition to new character lines, Blizzard has re-recorded some of the existing lines too. For example, previously when Mercy says “Piece Of Cake” is sounded like “Piss Of Kek”, now she properly says “Piece Of Cake”.

Minimaps in games have become normal site and they are also very important, specially for multiplayer games. Overwatch is an multiplayer game but it lacks the minimap. So naturally many gamers have raised their voice to add one, but according to Blizzard it will not be helpful.

Have you tried out the Overwatch test patch? Are you experiencing any new changes? Let us know in the comments.