New Mafia 3 Gameplay Video Details How Players Can Take Out An Underboss

Mafia 3’s launch is just around the corner, and Hangar 13 is revealing new detail regarding the game. This time 2K has released a new Mafia 3 gameplay video, which was showed off during Tokyo Games Show 2016.

The Mafia 3 gameplay jumps right in the middle of Lincoln’s journey of revenge against the mob and his efforts to build and maintain his criminal family. The video also showcases the beautiful landscapes of the game.

The gameplay video gives us a glimpse of the district system in New BORDEAUX. The city is made up of 10 different districts, and each district is completely different from the other. For example the Bayou is ripe for exploration, and is very calm and beautiful place, but looks can be deceiving, as this is the very place where italian mob runs guns.

Dellray Hollow is the home to game’s protagonist, Lincoln, the district is vibrant and full of color. However, it has been taken over by Dixie Mob, which answers to the Italian mob and run heroin operations from this district.

The video also showcases Downton, which is run by Tony, and its Lincoln’s mission to kill him take hold of the district. The Mafia 3 gameplay video showcases that players will have different opportunities to take out their targets.

And this is not the only video released by 2K to detail the game’s features and other info. Recetnly, 2K released a video detailing how players can make money in the game, and why it is not a good idea to keep that money in your wallet.

While the game is getting close to its release, Hangar 13 has released the system requirements for Mafia 3, and in a time of high specs demanding games, Mafia 3 seems reasonable. The game requires 2nd gen Core i5 as a minimum while it requires 3rd gen Core i7 as a recommended requirement.

So, does this Mafia 3 gameplay video gets you excited for the game’s launch? Let us know in the comments.